Giving Thanks: Eucharistic Stewardship


Our Stewardship Goal approved for the budget during the Fall General Assembly was $335,000. During the year, we received 95 pledges for total of $294,572. By the completion of the year, we received $343,450 in stewardship contributions, attributed to 153 families of our church. This is a great blessing and enables us to operate fully funded by you, our faithful and generous Stewards, rather than depending on our Annual Greek Festival. This  provides us a great advantage to make generous gifts from our festival proceeds to local charities such as Northside Inter Community Agency (NICA), Habitat for Humanity, and to the Northside High School. Additionally, it provides funding for updates and renovation for our Church and Community Center that I hope we will enjoy later this year. Some additional benefits of making your Stewardship pledge to the church include:

  1. Stewardship and Gratitude: Pledging reflects your gratitude for the blessings you’ve received and your desire to be a good steward of those resources. It’s an opportunity to give back to God and support the work of the church.
  2. Spiritual Discipline: Pledging is a spiritual practice that encourages regular giving. It helps you prioritize your faith and align your financial decisions with your beliefs.
  3. Consistency: Pledging allows the church to plan its budget more effectively. When members commit to regular giving, it provides stability for ongoing ministries, programs, and outreach.
  4. Community Building: Pledging fosters a sense of community. When everyone participates, it creates a shared commitment and a feeling of unity among church members.
  5. Mission and Outreach: Your financial pledge directly supports the church’s mission and outreach efforts. It enables the church to serve its congregation, support local communities, and engage in global initiatives.
  6. Financial Transparency: Pledging encourages transparency in financial matters. It allows the church leadership to communicate openly about budget needs, expenses, and financial goals.

Pledging is a personal decision, and the benefits extend beyond financial contributions. It’s about being part of a faith community and actively participating in its growth and impact. Thank you for completing your stewardship pledge for 2023.