Youth Ministries

There are active youth ministries for all ages, from nursery to young adults and college students. Youth Ministry Groups include:

Faith Group: The Faith Group is for newly baptized infants and toddlers, and their moms/dads. 

Hope and Joy Groups: for children from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

At each meeting, these groups participate in a variety of activities to promote their learning and development as Orthodox Christians, as well as bonding and fellowship with their peers.

GOYA: The Greek Orthodox Youth of America, or GOYA, is the ministry to young persons age 12-18.

Young Adult Ministries: Young Adult Ministries aim is to cultivate and educate our young adult Orthodox Christians (18 and older) and to bring a generation back to the Church. A ministry to the Pan-Orthodox young adult community can help them become more active members of the body of Christ, and to realize the benefits and the blessings of a life in Christ. Our goal is to help our young adults develop an awareness of their identity as Orthodox Christians as well as to bring them together in fellowship and service with other young adult Orthodox Christians.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF): The mission of OCF is to support fellowships on college campuses, whose members experience and witness to the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others and study of the Faith (Acts 2:42). Furthermore, OCF will work to nurture and strengthen love for Jesus Christ and His Church in its fullness at this most critical juncture of human life through:


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St. Demetrios Dance Ministry: Dancers from the Church practice Sunday’s after church to prepare for the Greek Festival.